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Vertical garden in Thessaloniki

In collaboration with Panos Dragonas & Varvara Christopoulou


Thessaloniki, Greece



The vertical garden forms the new face of the building of the Directorate of Urban Environment Management of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. The new green wall includes 800 pots with four species of plants, which are irrigated by rainwater collected on the roof. The aim of the project is to promote modern rainwater collection systems and to inform about the possibilities of sustainable architectural design in dealing with climate change.
The basic design idea is to create a “green facade”, which covers the old face leaving its openings free. The new metal construction, which bears the weight of the garden, remains hidden between the old masonry and the “mask”. The design of the vertical garden follows the specifications of the standard Gro-Wall system utilizing the possibilities of the irrigation system. The selection of plants has taken into account the local climatic conditions, while the design of the garden aims to highlight the colour changes of the plants during the year.

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