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We shape our
thereafter they shape us

Architecture has the power to inspire and delight – lift the spirits and stimulate the senses.


Icarus project

July 2020-21

The Icarus project is a complex of suites in Mykonos, designed to outline the Cycladic extraordinary landscape.

Like the traditional island dwellings, yposkafa, rooms and suites are carved out of the cliff-face. Instead of typical rounded walls and domed roofs, we opted for sharper, more contemporary lines, drawing the gaze towards the blue horizon.


July 2021

Ethrion house grows along a central axis highlighting the perspective within the natural landscape and its main agricultural resources such as orange and olive trees. The central element of the synthesis is the courtyard, around of which the main spaces of the house evolve.

The main purpose is for residents and visitors to peacefully enjoy life in nature and connect with it at all times of the day. The materials and textures such as stone and wood that sculpt the house are based on the traditional architecture of Argolida embracing the vernacular architecture and being part of the landscape.

Las Hotel

July 2018

Las Hotel is a 4* hotel at the coastal town of Gythio, in Laconic Mani. Situated at the town’s vital center and designed to offer the maximum comfort.

Our aim was to create a place ideal for vacations, with harmony and relaxation. Modern furnishing and design are combined with luxury in every room, wellness or leisure area. A variety of amenities in a cautiously designed environment guarantee unique and enjoyable moments for the guests.

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

Pablo Picasso

Central bus station design in Cyprus


The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

A vertical garden that is more important than you think


The vertical garden shapes the new face of the Urban Environment Management building of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

Upgrade lifting in Paphos


For three years now, Paphos residents and thousands of foreign visitors have been enjoying a whole new and upgraded image and function of the city's central fabric.