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We believe that the architectural design should provide a friendly and long-lasting environment. Moreover, it should respect and reflect the uniqueness of its surroundings, be innovative and at the same time pleasing to the eye. Architecture should be expressed in a simple but meaningful way.

Private Sector

Private Residences
Residence Complexes & Apartment Buildings
Hotels & Leisure Facilities
Office Buildings
Commercial & Industrial
Consultancy Services

Public Sector

Urban Planning & Landscaping
Healthcare & Social care
Culture & Sports
Government Office Buildings


Founder & CEO 
Sotiris Theodosopoulos – Managing Director  

Emmanuel Bourantas – Principal Architect
Agoritsa Zaxari – Principal Architect
Maria Tzortzopoulou – Principal Architect
Vivian Theodosopoulou – Senior Project Architect
Stella Theodosopoulou – Senior Project Architect  

Aristea Giousoufela – Drawing Designer

Collaborators & Clients

Christopoulos Con.
Ariona Hellas A.E.
Ioniki ATEKE
Oneira Plaka M.I.K.E.
Onassis Foundation
Ionios ATE
Olympios Zeus A.E.
Lakon ATE
OTE Estate A.E.
Alpha Domus ATE
Tekal A.E.
Iliochora A.E.
Attekat A.E.
Metrica A.E.
Illida A.E.
Boderm A.E.
Casa Di Patsi 
Ismailos A.E.
An. Zisiadis E.E.
Kouros A.E.