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Pearl Island Resort


Chios, Greece



The architectural design attempts to offer a holistic wellness exploration through a showcase of traditional cultural and architectural elements along the way while seamlessly infusing ideas derived from the current natural era.
The journey starts with an atrium that creates a transparent environment and helps distinguish the internal areas while creating mystery to those of the outside world.
A central and symmetrical corridor functions like an artery, spanning the entire site and aiming to unify each distinct area, from the event space to the pool area, the nautical bar and of course the suites.
A carefully designed canopy outlines the bar area, while leveraging natural sunlight to project playful shapes emulating traditional Chios <ksysta> in the surrounding area.
Specializing in wellness experience, the one-of-a-kind spa with a unified indoor and outdoor pool is designed to lead visitors through an endless exploration of mindfulness and relaxation.

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