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Passenger station in Souda port

Participation in competition


Souda, Crete



Free and unobstructed end-to-end movement of passengers from the site entrance to the docks is the primary goal of the architectural approach of this design, coupled with the intent to create a landmark building that will not only identify but also adequately represent the area of Souda and Western Crete in general.
As a result a deliberate choice was made to design the fundamental elements of the site around a very prominent geographical feature of Crete and especially Western Crete, that of canyons. In expressing this feature the main building volumes have been designed in parallel zones with a free moving space between them that runs from the entrance all the way to the docks. The passages as well as the buildings feature contours, both horizontally and vertically, to mimic nature’s free form as closely as possible. The outer sides of the main building feature strong and bold walls with incorporated vertical green growth, closely mimicking the look and feel of a mountainside. The roof is partially permeable (designed to also effectively control and soften direct sunlight) allowing pleasant natural sunlight through to the passengers walking below.

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